chatbot e-commerce

These are good for calling visitor attention to a deal, or a specific product or service you want to highlight. For example, you can add complements to the bot’s answers so the content is more appealing, interesting and informative when interacting with customers. Accelerate order status retrieval for customers by providing an automated conversational approach to order information.

chatbot e-commerce

On the other hand, in case of the delivery of a defective product, a customer makes sure to post a bad review. ECommerce businesses that can’t maintain instant support tend to shut down because competitors were operating and providing support 24/7. After doing that, you’ll need to gain a deeper understanding of your users, their needs want, and the issues they face. When companies found that it’s difficult to fulfill the growing needs of the customers and adapt as per them, they switched to automation. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 3-day trial of Shopify. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

Offer shopping assistance/ customer support

Haptik also allows you to contact customers from Instagram, Facebook, and your site. Haptik boasts some of the best NLU (natural language understanding) in the business, meaning its machine learning algorithms offer the best technology. The ecommerce ai chatbot, Haptik, is suitable for businesses that want to use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. Conversing with consumers via WhatsApp can make interactions feel more personal and make responses quicker because people use WhatsApp more regularly.

chatbot e-commerce

And if you are curious about the history of the second-oldest luxury brand in the world, the chatbot will provide you with some interesting insights. Naturally, the bot also provides the handoff to the Client Advisor option. Sephora also launched a chatbot on Kik, the messaging app targeted at teens. It offers quizzes that gather information, and then makes suggestions about potential makeup brand preferences.

Companies That Already Talk to Their Customers via a Chatbot

We don’t know any cases when companies fully entrusted chatbots with customer support. Indeed, leaving customers without the possibility of human assistance is extremely risky. However, the global chatbot market has been growing consistently, and in 2022 it was valued at $106.6 million. This growth confirms that companies are increasingly using chatbots to communicate with customers, which provides benefits for both parties.

  • The chatbot was able to handle a large volume of common inquiries, reducing the workload for support staff and allowing them to focus on more complex issues.
  • Weekly conversion in 7.67x with chatbot launch for your eCommerce solution.
  • They can outsource routine tasks and focus on personalized customer service.
  • Making the whole booking process quick and easy, the bot has an 11% higher conversion rate than the other channels Sephora uses for in-store bookings.
  • When infused with an AI chatbot for eCommerce, it can help connect brands with customers.
  • It is ideal for enterprises or small businesses who want to manage conversations in a hassle-free manner.

With the right strategies, companies can leverage it to significantly boost their bottom line. Given how AI is evolving, it is only a matter of time before most businesses will adopt it. Well, things are becoming so much simpler due to the extensive use of AI in eCommerce! Just take a snapshot of the item you liked, and let technology come up with the best results via visual search. In all likelihood, you will be served exactly the same offering and deals as those available on the net. Chatbot technology is based on AI, and utilizes a branch of it known as  Natural Language Processing (NLP) involving text-to-speech algorithms.

Customer service chatbots: anthropomorphism and adoption

Leveraging conversational AI solutions for eCommerce helps to engage customers round the clock and provide immediate answers to their common queries. REVE Chat offers the best customer service chatbot platform for eCommerce businesses. If a brand has strong internal communication with its potential customers, it will also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Send order confirmation and shipping notifications via Messenger (and soon SMS). “Hallelujah. Maisie has been a breeze to install and straight away we could see website visitors interacting. This has the potential to really increase conversion rates.” Now the chatbot has a feature to allow pre-ordering items, exploring gifts, and even getting invited to Facebook streaming of live shows. H&M created a bot that is designed to help both a user and the brand.


Send promotions, cart reminders, and back in stock notifications via email, Messenger, and SMS to win back your customers. Reduce abandons with exit intent-triggered conversations – and keep visitors on-site with useful, timely information. Help shoppers discover which products are right for them without having to navigate your entire site.

  • Hiring more live agents is no longer an option if you’re someone optimizing for costs to keep budgets streamlined and focused on marketing and advertising.
  • Your team’s requirements will help inform which platforms to shortlist.
  • Virtual Artist is a shade matching bot that allows customers to try on different shades of lipstick by uploading a picture.
  • Given the progress being made in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is evident that AI chatbot technology has a bright future ahead.
  • Chatbots free up your customer service team to handle more complicated situations like order tracking and return processing.
  • Now that we’ve established why chatbots improve the user buying experience, let’s have a look at how exactly you can integrate them into your eCommerce operations to tackle common challenges.

According to a report by slicktext, more than 50% of customers expect businesses to be open 24/7. WhatsApp has over 390 million users in India alone and with the launch of WhatsApp Business API, ecommerce businesses now have an opportunity to tap into this user base for marketing. You can use a hybrid chatbot to collect customer information, provide product information or direct them to your site based on what they’re looking for.

Works with your favourite platforms & channels

Building a chatbot for the eCommerce industry can boost customer experience because customers can get the necessary help at any moment, exactly when they need it. Not only do chatbots in eCommerce enable companies to improve customer support, but they also have the potential to streamline many other interactions between companies and their customers. AI-powered chatbots can answer 80% of the repeated customer queries.

  • Studies have found that almost 150 million Instagram users have a conversation with a business every month on the platform.
  • Not just that, but a chatbot relies on much more than text to interact with users.
  • Now that you know which companies offer the best chatbot solutions for ecommerce, you might wonder what the bots look like in action.
  • You can also save money on service agents, and your current service team can stop wasting time on routine inquiries.
  • Customer support costs are the expenses you incur for providing customer service.
  • Brendan McConnell is a freelance writer, SEO consultant, and fractional content marketer.

You can also periodically train your chatbot to improve its performance. Using the REVE Chatbot platform for eCommerce can help build bots that can boost user experience. It also acts as a perfect enterprise chatbot platform for eCommerce.

Convert more. Offer support from search through to conversation!

The biggest advantage they can learn over time with experience and handle customer queries with highly advanced speech. Chatbots can also be used to collect data about your visitors and leverage it to make better product suggestions and recommendations. Understanding customer inquiries, their needs, and preferences can allow you to personalize product pages and build customer loyalty and affinity.

chatbot e-commerce


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